It's not been the greatest season for the Kolkata Knight Riders. After winning four out of their first five games, they are now in the middle of an unreal
losing streak that's stretched up to six matches. And to make things worse, Andre Russell, one of their senior players, recently let it all out at a press conference, passionately expressing his displeasure towards the decision-making in the team.

Russell basically said that it's not the batting that's been struggling, but the bowling. "We get to totals we should defend," he said. He spoke about how he's talked to the coach about his batting order, and about how, despite being among the runs, he hasn't left the room in days because he doesn't feel good about the losses.

The question, though, that arises is: how correct was it for Russell to express his displeasure at a press conference instead of a team meeting?

"Just from the outside, when you sit and watch those press conferences, it's achieving nothing for your team," Shaun Pollock opined on Cricbuzz Live. "I firmly believe you should be careful about having an opinion. There's nothing to be gained by going to a press conference and saying that we don't have the right vibe in our side and things aren't going well outside and I'm staying in my room. What's that going to achieve from a team's perspective? If you have those complaints, go to the team manager."

Lisa Sthalekar also agreed with Pollock, pointing out to how you come to expect different things from your senior player.

"He basically had a go at Dinesh Karthik, didn't he? [And] the bowling options," Sthalekar said. "He was very specifically saying that we had times when we could have won the game but we put on the wrong bowlers. And we have leaked runs and bowlers haven't done the job. And bowlers keep making the same mistakes.

"Whether there's an issue between him and Dinesh Karthik and he's now kind of aired it in public ... [we don't know]. You don't want it from a senior player. You don't want it at a press conference. You'd rather have it at a team meeting."