Rhodes believes his team is well prepared despite the long rain break AFP

Bangladesh head coach Steve Rhodes felt that there is still a chance of a result in the second Test at Basin Reserve in Wellington. The first two days had been completely washed out due to rain but the nature of the pitch gives Rhodes some optimism about a result being produced.

''The wicket was very green. We knew it's going to be very green. We are well aware of how it was before and look we have got some people who played here before. They tell me it was very similar. I think Tamim felt that it was very similar to the last time,'' Rhodes told reporters after having a look at the wicket at Basin Reserve on Saturday.

''I think cricket is a strange game and we saw there are a lot of two days and three days game so there is still a good chance of getting a result,'' he said.

Having said that, Rhodes doesn't want his wards to carry any preconceived notion about the wicket as it can have a huge impact on their game. He indicated that relatively new cricketers in the dressing room bound to think about the nature of the wicket more so after two days were washed out.

''The message that we tried to pass down to the guys playing here for the first time is that it always looks as if it will do more than what it actually does,'' said Rhodes.

"Hopefully, we can win the toss tomorrow and get a few wickets early morning. If not then try and score some runs,'' he said.

''We got to be positive about scoring runs in that surface and also taking wickets,'' he said.

While backing the officials' decision to not have any play on the second day and hand an undue advantage to one team, Rhodes admitted that it had been a "frustrating wait for everybody".

''I have been there [ in the venue] on the early morning of both days and tried to keep players back in the hotel to keep them fresh and relaxed and then coming here at some point of time so that means there is not so much hanging around,'' he said.

''I think we are ok we are in a good spot and we did a little bit of practice today. So I think the preparation is also going quite well,'' he added.