Rowers, trail runners, paraglider pilots and mountain bikers, they're all from the same outdoor planet! But they never really get the chance to compete...
This unusual relay race is a unique chance for the athletes to meet. Red Bull Elements brought all four of these disciplines together in one race on Saturday September 14th in Talloires (74), under the blazing sun and before the eyes of an excited audience.
220 athletes divided into 55 teams of 4 came to challenge the clock on water, on earth and in the air for the 3rd edition of Red Bull Elements.
The course was 50km long including 12,5km of rowing, 5 hours of running, 3 take-offs and 3 landings for the paraglider pilots, a climb of over 1900m for the runners and another of over 1700m on the 25km bike track... The figures say it all. The athletes had to push their limits in a race like no other before.