THERE is no crisis in women’s football.

Those were AFLNT manager of community football Rosanna De Santis’ words after the Tiwi Bombers’ under-18 side withdrew from the competition and Premier League club Tracy Village forfeited against Southern Districts..

“This is a one-off situation and I know there is strong numbers across the board,’’ De Santis told the NT News.

“I watched the Waratah-PINT girls on Sunday and Palmerston and the Buffettes the day before and they were terrific games of footy.

“I know it’s difficult for teams around this time of year.

“But for Tracy Village, this is the first time they’ve forfeited in the competition.

They’ve got a bunch of women who are working and are away at this present time.’’

De Santis said league officials always tried to see what they can do to prevent forfeits..

But she conceded sometimes it was a simple case of not having enough numbers.

“There is a minimum playing number stipulated in our By-Laws that ranges through the grades,’’ she said.

“I’d like to have a constant instead of a situation where an under-18 boys match cannot go less than 14 players and the girls have a minimum number of 12 that can play.

“The rationale there is hard to understand and I need to speak to AFL House on the rules and regulations that are adapted to our needs.’’.

The Tiwi U18 girls are a complex situation, where players are drawn from Tiwi College on Melville Island and other communities.

“The U15 Tiwi girls are still going well, but this age group has been a real challenge for the club,’’ De Santis said.

“Plus there are the added challenges of travel and ferry times that must link in with games in Darwin.

“We can’t do a lot more other than to say we know your numbers are a problem and keep the dialogue open..’’