Another day, another Google Pixel 2 issue. Now, it has come to light that the device's camera isn't playing nice when it comes to surroundings with LED lights on. Users say the photos and videos captured in such an environment end up displaying major banding.

The following video clearly shows the problem:

Youtube Video : Pixel 2 camera issue under LED lights

The same user also made a video comparing a new-gen Pixel with the Pixel from last year, and the issue clearly seems to be with the Pixel 2.

Youtube video : Camera issue - Pixel 2 vs Pixel 1 (LED light issue)

Here's a photo shared by another user, showing major banding:

Agreed, LEDs do not emit stable lights - they flicker - but most high-end phones do not have issues with this behavior.

There's a dedicated discussion thread regarding this over at the official Pixel forum, and a quick look there reveals the problem has been escalated to the concerned team, presumably the Pixel 2 team at Google.

There's, however, no official word on whether or not the Mountain View, California-based company is taking the problem on priority, and when a fix will be rolled out.