If your mobile platform of choice is Android, there are a couple of changes that you might notice in the coming days in regards with some of the apps that come with the OS. Both Google's Phone and Contacts apps have been recently updated and received similar changes.

They even got bumped to a new major version, 3.0 for Google Phone and 23.0 for Contacts. If both of your apps now look white, it means you've already updated to the new iterations. The latest updates bring the all-new white Material Design with tints of blue, but white for the most part.

The Contacts app also got a new option that will allow users to add custom fields and “File as” to their contacts, as well as some bug fixes and stability improvements.

On the other hand, the Google Phone app gained some improvements to navigation and accessibility. That's just about all you get in these updates, but the most important addition is the new redesign, which seems to change on a yearly basis.