According to a Facebook post by Kccshop and a Twitter post by @momomo_us, three retailers have reportedly received orders of 24GB RTX 4090 graphics cards from Gigabyte. The retailers consist of KCCshop, Computers Perth, and Perth Computer and Office Supplies the first from Vietnam, the other two from Australia. While these are likely early listings with inflated prices, all indications are that the RTX 4090 will soon be vying for a spot among the best graphics cards.

Only the Australian retailers listed pricing, and converting those to U.S. dollars suggests we could see prices of over $3,000 for the next generation cards. At the same time, these listings would be against Nvidia policy and break whatever embargo might be in place, and they're very likely not even close to official prices.

Coincidentally, these orders have appeared right after Nvidia began teasing its "GeForce Beyond" program a few days ago. There's little doubt that Nvidia will unveil its upcoming Ada Lovelace architecture and at least one new GPU at GTC. Early specification speculation is of course running rampant, and you can check our Nvidia RTX 40-series and Ada Lovelace GPUs hub for further details. As ever with leaks and listings of this sort, treat everything with a healthy dose of skepticism.

The Facebook listing from Kccshop provides us with three model names, the N4090WF3-24GB, N4090Gaming OC-24GD, and N4090AORUS M-24GD. From the Aorus branding alone its easy to confirm these are Gigabyte model numbers for supposed RTX 4090 SKUs. These model numbers also confirm the long-expected memory capacity of 24GB for the RTX 4090.

The Australian listings are the more interesting and informative. They provide actual pricing for two of the three 4090 SKUs, where Kccshop only gave model names. The SKUs from Perth Computers and Office Supplies show the Gigabyte Gaming OC RTX 4090 priced at $4,550 AUS (including sales tax), while the Aorus model runs a slightly cheaper $3,900 AUS (including sales tax). Directly converted to USD and these cards are priced at $3112 and $2666 respectively. That seems a bit odd as well, as normally the Aorus brand is Gigabyte's top model.

Computers Perth meanwhile has a single Gigabyte RTX 4090 Gaming OC listing for $4270 AUS, which translates into $2919 USD. Again, don't take these prices too seriously, as there's no indication these are anywhere close to the official MSRP. The RTX 4090 could be substantially more expensive compared to the current RTX 3090 Ti, which now starts at just $1,100(opens in new tab), but we'd be very surprised to see Nvidia go beyond the 3090 Ti's launch price of $1,999 unless it releases a new Titan card.

Forgetting the pricing for a moment, these listings are very strong indications that GeForce RTX 4090 cards are inbound and should launch next month. That jives with the likely GTC announcement of "GeForce Beyond" on September 20, just 11 days away. Nvidia's teasers have made no hint of what GPUs might be revealed, but GTC targets creators and machine learning more than gaming, so an RTX 4090 unveiling would certainly make sense.

We'll know soon enough what Nvidia will actually do, and there's a good chance Nvidia will provide some additional details on the Ada Lovelace and RTX 40 series architecture, and perhaps even concrete specs for the RTX 4090. Maybe we'll hear about a new Titan as well, alongside hopefully less pricey cards like an RTX 4080. It's exciting times for our GPU benchmarks hierarchy, needless to say.