Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 will now be releasing worldwide much sooner than initially announced. When release plans for Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 were announced, international fans were disappointed to realize they wouldn't be getting access to the episodes at the same time as viewers in Canada and the United States. This was due to a change in the international market plans for Paramount+, which airs the show. The first three seasons of Star Trek: Discovery aired on various services internationally, as Paramount+ did not offer services globally.

With the streaming platform's desire and plan to expand into many more countries, the creators of Discovery indicated the show would not be available in those new locations until Paramount+ began operating. This meant that, although the new season would begin airing November 18 for viewers in Canada and the United States, it wasn't predicted to start streaming until early 2022 for in most international locations. This information was disappointing to many fans, who felt they shouldn't be forced to wait for the season's release.

Due to this backlash, Paramount has now indicated that Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 will be released earlier than intended. The announcement was shared on the official Star Trek website. The statement was explicitly directed to the international fans of Discovery and mentioned they would be working on getting the show to them "as soon as possible." The release also describes the process Paramount is taking to release the season. They also offered fans in specific markets a discount off the first three months of Paramount+ service.

International fans of Star Trek: Discovery can now watch episodes a lot sooner than the original projected early 2022. However, the premiere will still be a week behind the air date in Canada and the United States. It appears as if Paramount+ made short-term agreements with a few streaming companies for Season 4, as, initially, Discovery was broadcast on Netflix in the international market. It is unclear if every episode of Season 4 will be streamed on these platforms or if Paramount+ will host the season as soon as it comes to a specific market.

This change in tactics is a reasonably quick and somewhat surprising turnaround for a large content corporation like Paramount+. This shows that the company is listening to its fans and considering what they say and their reactions, which doesn't often occur in today's society. It's nice to see Paramount+ focusing on what's good for the consumer and the brand, not just the bottom line, allowing people around the world to enjoy Star Trek: Discovery in tandem.