James Gunn has finally announced several plans for the new DC Universe that is coming from DC Studios. When it comes to the DC brand, it has been a rough couple of months with Warner Bros. Discovery making a lot of changes behind the scenes. While several movies and TV shows related to DC have been axed, the studio is attempting to go in a new direction. In November 2022, DC Studios was launched, with Gunn and Peter Safran appointed as co-CEOs. Over the last couple of weeks, Gunn has been teasing on social media that several DCU plans would be revealed this month.

With Gunn and Safran running movies, TV shows, animation, and video games for the DCU franchise, Gunn has revealed their plans. Screen Rant and other press attended a special event where Gunn and Safran unveiled the first half of Chapter 1 (their version of a Phase) for the DCU. Chapter 1 is called "Gods & Monsters" and will be kicking off in 2025. The announcement came with a total of 10 movies and TV shows that will be interconnected in this new universe. The goal is to have two movies, and two HBO Max shows released per year. The list of movies and TV shows is as follows.


  • Superman: Legacy: Gunn is currently writing the screenplay, and Safran is hopeful the filmmaker will also direct the DC movie. Set to come out on July 11, 2025, Superman: Legacy will not be an origin story but will focus on Clark's struggle to balance his superhero life with his human one. The story will also explore Superman being a beacon of kindness in a world that believes kindness is old-fashioned.
  • The Authority: Gunn is currently outlining the film, which will be based on Wildstorm characters. The DC imprint will be brought into the main universe with the live-action movie. According to DC Studios, The Authority explores antiheroes who have good intentions while having to go to extremes due to how broken the world is.
  • The Brave and the Bold: This will be a Batman and Robin story with a new star set to play the Dark Knight. Robert Pattinson and Ben Affleck will, therefore not be starring in this film. Based on Grant Morrison's Batman run, the story sees Bruce discovering that Damian Wayne is his son. Taught to be an assassin, Bruce must now raise Damian under his wing. The Brave and the Bold will also feature other members of the Bat-family. It was not revealed if they have decided which actors will play them, or if DC Studios will even use stars that have been used previously.
  • Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow: The Girl of Steel is getting her own solo movie, which will be based on Tom Kingís recent DC run as he is an architect of the project too. While Superman was raised on Earth with kind parents, Supergirl stayed on a piece of Krypton that drifted off. Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow will explore her life as she was forced to see many loved ones die tragically.
  • Swamp Thing: DC Studios is working on a movie that explores the dark origin story of Swamp Thing.

Television Shows:

  • Creature Commandos: This was the only animated series announced as part of the slate. Gunn has already written seven episodes for the series. Creature Commandos will center Rick Flagg Sr. (who is set to appear elsewhere in live-action, portrayed by his voice actor), Nina Mazursky, Doctor Phosphorus, Eric Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein (who is the protagonist), G.I. Robot, and Weasel.
  • Waller: The previously announced Amanda Waller spinoff series is moving forward with Viola Davis still set to star. The show will take place between Peacemaker seasons 1 and 2. This is because Gunn doesn't have time for Peacemaker right now. Doom Patrol executive producer Jeremy Carver and Watchmen scribe Christal Henry are heading up the series.
  • Lanterns: While it's unclear if this is meant to be Greg Berlanti's Green Lantern TV show, Lanterns will center on Hal Jordan and John Stewart. According to DC Studios, itís a detective mystery with the Green Lanterns serving as super cops on precinct Earth. Lanterns will lead into an overall story about an ancient horror while weaving between movies and DC TV shows.
  • Paradise Lost: This is a Wonder Woman prequel series in the style of Game of Thrones, focusing on the origin of Themyscira before Diana Prince's time. Paradise Lost will explore how the political game that is played on Themyscira and what a society of women do in order to gain power.
  • Booster Gold: A series focusing on the future tech superhero with imposter syndrome is in the works. DC Studios are currently speaking to an unspecified actor to play the titular role.

Major DC Movies & Characters Missing From DC Universe Chapter 1

This is already a major commitment from DC Studios that will occupy the next couple of years. However, there are some missing players and movies that fans were likely expecting. Despite a Wonder Woman prequel series, there were no updates given about where the Themysciran heroine will fall into the DCU. This is especially crucial following all the confusion about Wonder Woman 3, and the lack of status about Gal Gadot's future.

The DCU's future with Aquaman and The Flash is also a massive mystery, but they may be revealed in the second half of Chapter 1. With The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom hitting theaters this year, it's unclear how they factor into the new DCU, if at all. The other missing project that many were likely speculating would be revealed is a Justice League film. With Superman, Batman, Supergirl, and Green Lantern having solo projects right now, they may be holding off with Justice League until the end of Chapter 1. There is also the possibility that DC Studios won't make a Justice League movie until Chapter 2.

James Gunn's DC Universe Plan Explained

As stated at the event, the other half of the slate will be revealed later, but this gives a strong idea of how connected the DCU will be across multiple mediums. For DC Studios, it is crucial to get the story and script absolutely right before starting on anything beyond writing. With two chapters that will span the course of 8-10 years, more projects will, of course, be announced once DC Studios feels ready. Gunn and Safran made it clear that the slate can still be moved around if that is what the movie or TV show needs at the time. With all of this leading to a unified endgame for the DC Studios team, it will be intriguing to follow the development of the DCU in the coming years.