A new 1923 trailer shows Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren's Yellowstone prequel characters preparing for war. Helmed by Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan, 1923 marks the second Yellowstone spinoff and prequel after 1883. The upcoming series will depict a new generation of the Dutton family as they defend the ranch and face various hardships in the early 20th century. A previously released teaser for the prequel show implied that the series will focus on the Dutton familyís violent past, presenting a darker and bloodier story than that of its predecessors.

The new trailer released by Paramount+ offers a more detailed look at Mirren and Ford's characters, as well as unveiling plot details and other characters viewers can expect to follow in the new series. Timothy Daltonís wealthy villain is revealed in the trailer as Ford and Mirren prepare to go to war for the valley. Set 40 years after the previous prequel series 1883, the 1923 trailer shows a hint of connection to its predecessor with a shot of the family graveyard. The trailer also includes an intriguing shot of a lion emerging from the brush, which could hint at Daltonís sophisticate character bringing the infamous 1920s Big Game Hunting Craze and other Roaring '20s trends to the world of Yellowstone. See the trailer below:

How Yellowstone Season 5 Can Set Up 1923

Though Yellowstone is set in the present, far removed from the events of 1923, there are plenty of ways that the show's latest season, which recently aired its fourth episode, could set up the new prequel show. In particular, a previous tease from Cole Hauser, one of Yellowstone's actors, for the back half of season 5 states that viewers have a bloody season ahead, which matches the dark and grim tone expected from 1923. Since the core series follows later generations of the same family on the same ranch, Yellowstone season 5 can see the Duttons reckon with their family's relationship to violence, setting up a key theme that 1923 can pick up when it premieres in December.

What To Expect From 1923 Season 1

While 1883 centered on the fallout from the Civil War and the Duttons' move from Texas to Montana, 1923 will see the new generation striving to defend the place that has since become their family home. The Mirren and Ford-led prequel show will have plenty of conflicts to explore when it premieres since the 1920s are rife with potential plot points and complicating factors. The premise of 1923 teases that it will delve into the Western Expansion, the prohibition era, the Great Depression (which started early in Montana), rising cattle theft, historic drought, and general lawlessness.

Based on the many hardships that the Duttons will have to face in the Yellowstone prequel series, it's likely that the generation of the Duttons brought to life by Ford and Mirren will be the toughest members of the family yet. While 1923 season 1 will see the characters grapple with many tribulations, it has previously been reported that two seasons will be needed to tell the full story, with each season clocking in at eight episodes each. 1923 is set to debut on Paramount+ on December 18, and audiences finally be privy to the next chapter in the epic Yellowstone saga.