On the heels of filming wrapping, a new The Boys season 4 video teases Vought's ongoing search for new faces to join The Seven team. Based on Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's graphic novels of the same name, the Prime Video series centers on the eponymous vigilante team as they work to bring down the corrupt Vought International and their super-powered team known as The Seven, who use their abilities for shallow purposes. Led by Karl Urban, Jack Quaid and Antony Starr, The Boys has scored critical acclaim through its first three seasons, with season 4 expected to raise the stakes following the shocking season 3 finale.

The official Vought International YouTube, run by Prime Video, has released a new The Boys season 4 video featuring Colby Minifie's Ashley Barrett giving an update on the company's recent activities.

The faux company earnings call presentation sees Ashley teasing that Vought are currently searching for new members to join The Seven superhero team following the seeming death of Queen Maeve and Starlight's so-called "betrayal" in season 3 of the series. The video also teases how The Boys season 4 will initially address Black Noir's death, with the Supe said to be on a secret "critical" mission overseas, and indicates the reconstruction of Vought HQ is nearly complete.

Who The New Seven Members Could Be

Though the video doesn't reveal the two, previous marketing for The Boys season 4 has indicated that the new members of The Seven will be Firecracker and Sister Sage, characters created specifically for the show. While keeping their story details under wraps, showrunner Eric Kripke has previously teased that the two new Supes will be "just who Homelander needs" as he begins embracing his more dangerous persona, which itself was welcomed by the public in the season 3 finale when he murdered a protestor for attempting to attack Ryan. Given much of The Boys season 3 saw The Deep and A-Train showing some cracks in their loyalty to the team leader, it makes sense Homelander would be eager to build the roster with those he doesn't have to worry about betraying him later down the road.

Even with these two newcomers, however, the question does remain as to who will be taking over the mantle of Black Noir heading into The Boys season 4 following the death of Earving in season 3. It was already confirmed that the next chapter will feature a new version of the Supe after he was killed by Homelander, which has led to theories swirling that the show would return to the comic book's twist that Black Noir was actually a clone of Homelander created in the opportunity to kill and replace the original should he become a liability, an idea loosely explored in The Boys Presents: Diabolical's "One Plus One Equals Two", which acted as a prequel to the mainline show. With the new The Boys season 4 video confirming the Supe still exists in the world, much in the same way Translucent was described as being on a mission during his captivity in season 1, Vought appears to have a plan in place for bringing Black Noir back in some capacity, thus filling out The Seven.

Everything We Know About The Boys Season 4

In addition to Valorie Curry's Firecracker and Susan Heyward's Sister Sage, the cast for The Boys season 4 will see the additions of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, reuniting with Supernatural creator Kripke and co-star Jensen Ackles, in an undisclosed role and Rosemarie DeWitt as Hughie's unnamed mother, while another Supernatural alum, Rob Benedict, and Titans star Elliot Knight will be playing undisclosed characters. Moreover, the new season will feature the first proper return of Simon Pegg's Hugh Sr., while Stan Edgar actor Giancarlo Esposito has frequently teased the possibility of his coming back throughout filming. While audiences await word on The Boys season 4 release details, they can look forward to the college-set spinoff, Gen V, premiering sometime this year.