Matt Reeves' The Batman trilogy is officially happening, as The Batman - Part II receives an official announcement and release date from Warner Bros. DC relaunched Batman on the big screen last year thanks to Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne leading a new detective-driven interpretation of the character. The Batman was a massive success for the studio and immediately generated conversations about the future. Reeves has long teased his hopes to make a trilogy of movies, but his plans expanded to also include some HBO series. Warner Bros. officially confirmed plans to make The Batman 2 with Reeves and Pattinson less than two months after the first film's release.

As part of the DC Universe Phase 1 announcement by DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran, The Batman trilogy was further teased. Gunn confirmed that Reeves is planning to make a trilogy of films and The Penguin HBO series, which he described as being part of an overall "crime saga" for The Batman that is totally disconnected from the main DCU. It was also suggested that The Batman 2 could begin prepping for filming sometime this year. Warner Bros. has since confirmed that The Batman - Part II is releasing exclusively in theaters on October 3, 2025.

How The Batman Trilogy Fits Into James Gunn's DCU Plans

Matt Reeves' The Batman trilogy plans indicate how he and James Gunn are working together to craft Batman's movie future. While the focus is on building a cohesive shared universe that avoids multiple actors playing the same parts, Matt Reeves' The Batman trilogy is an example of the DC Elseworlds movies that will still be told on occasion. These projects will take place outside the main DCU continuity and be allowed to remain separate. Since The Batman was made to be separate from a shared universe, the decision has been made to keep it and the DCU disconnected instead of potentially retconning the franchise and changing its trajectory.

The Batman 2 now joins Joker: Folie Deux as confirmed DC Elseworlds projects in development at Warner Bros. that DC Studios is associated with. Gunn said that there will be an incredibly high bar for any DC project that wants to be made that is not part of the DCU future. Since The Batman was already an acclaimed hit, there is a confidence that the rest of Reeves' movies will have a similar quality. This is certainly the belief that Warner Bros. is operating with by announcing plans for The Batman 2's release date and having Gunn tease Matt Reeves' trilogy plan.

What The Batman 2's Release Date Means For The DCU's Brave and the Bold Movie

The confirmation that The Batman 2's release date is in 2025 means that audiences will wait roughly three and a half years to see Robert Pattinson's Batman return. Furthermore, it is an early indicator of when the DCU's The Brave and the Bold will release and introduce another new Batman on the big screen. The DC Studios co-CEOs do not want The Batman 2 and The Brave and the Bold to release within six months of each other. That means that the earliest the DCU's Batman reboot will release is May 2026, but the wait could last a few months longer to avoid competing with Avengers: Secret Wars.