Tracker Name TheEmpire
Tracker URL
Genre Commonwealth Radio/TV
Tracker Type Ratio Based
Tracker Signup Invite Only
Bonus System No
IRC Channel
Seed Difficulty Hard

TheEmpire is a private tracker for radio and TV programs from Commonwealth countries only - they do not allow content from other countries to be uploaded. TheGeeks, TheOccult, ThePlace and TheVault are all sister sites.

Members have access to TV shows, magazines, art, radio programs and sport. An added bonus to this tracker is they have a shoutbox radio you can relax and listen to. All members are required to seed everything they download to a 1.0 ratio or face the consequence of staff revoking downloading privileges or disabling the account. Keep in mind, all .click websites are very ban happy and this extends across to all sister sites as an IP ban. TheEmpire is still in the hard basket for maintaining a ratio but it has better seeded torrents and leecher numbers when compared to their other smaller sites.

Donations are offered through Bitcoin or Stripe. Smaller donations are rewarded with a small amount of upload credit, large donations come with upload credit and a shiny 'star' next to the members name. The star makes a member immune for inactivity pruning.










Pre-Times 5/10
Content 6/10
Speed 6/10
Community 6/10
Overall Rating 6/10