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Tracker Name::
Secret Cinema | SC
Tracker URL:: https://secret-cinema.pw/
Tracker Genre:: Obscure Contents
Tracker Type:: Ratio Less
Tracker Signup:: Invite Only
Bonus System:: Yes
Seed Difficulty:: Easy
Tracker IRC:: Server= irc.brokensphere.net
Channel = #sc
Nick = use your SC username.
Banned Countries:: None

Tracker Description ⠏

  • Secret-Cinema is a tracker that specializes in obscure content-including silent films, classics, cult, arthouse etc. The site is very different than other sites because Secret Cinema's primary objective is to curate and facilitate the discovery of arthouse, offbeat, obscure or otherwise non-mainstream films, television shows, theater performances and concert films. They are more lenient about material that is not English-speaking.
  • They usually do not allow Hollywood or Bollywood production, or produced by a giant company like Sony, Warner, Paramount or Disney, and dating to the 1980s or later.
    It falls in the same category as Karagarga, Cinemaggedon, Cinemaz.
  • SC got a quote regarding their Ratio rules " Our ratio requirements are really very simple , None! ", makes it a Ratio-less community for sure that will please the users around . But staff at their discretion may delete users who often Hit&Run from seeding.
  • The tracker interface is nice and when you select a torrent from the browse page, it will bring you to a forum post with information on the release, critics’ reviews, ratings. You can also search about a director, artist for their details and torrents related to their works.
  • The staff are user helpful, the forum is active and the members are friendly.

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