Title: The RaNSaCKeD CrEW | TRC | General | 2023 Review

URL: https://www.ransackedcrew.info/
Genre: General
Signup: Invite
Maintaining Ratio: Easy & Medium
Bonus System: Available
Banned Countries: None

Tracker Description:

RaNsAcKeD CrEw is a small private tracker for General Releases with about 650+ users and 7.2k torrents in various categories. You'll mostly find 720p and 1080p torrents here. Download speed is average as there are not that many seeders and leechers here (2-5 seeders and leechers on average).

The website UI is very simple and UI is in English (Customised from U-232 codes). Getting into the site might be hard, As you'll not find that many users to invite you to the site. They rarely make the site open for new signup. But not impossible to get in either if you're lucky enough.

They have a bonus points system where you get points by seeding torrents after the download completes and then you can exchange them into upload credits or invites and other things. Users are also allowed to make requests here. Forum chatboxes are active but not that much. But you'll users texting and making forum posts 4-6 on average a week or so...

Downloading & Seeding Rule: Once the download is complete, remember to seed for as long as possible or for a minimum of 36 hours or a ratio of 1:1. Low ratios will be given a three-strike warning from staff and can lead to a total ban. No comments on torrents you are not about to download.

Maintaining the ratio is easy and tricky at the same time. As I said, Being a small family there are not many leechers, so maintaining ratio is tricky sometimes. However, You'll find a lot of freeleech torrents to build up your ratio. (You might need time to build a good ratio, due to the user's activity)

About Freeleech: From time to time we will have freeleech for 48 hours. This means that when you download from site it will not count against your download ratio. Whatever you seed back will add to your upload ratio. This is a good opportunity for members with ratio's below 1.0 to bring them back into line Anyone who hit and runs on a freeleech torrent will receive a mandatory 2-week warning. You must seed all torrents downloaded to 100% or for a minimum of 48 hours this is for free leech torrents only.

About my thought: It's a nice small tracker to have, but not that great compared with other big and active trackers with a huge database. Contents get uploaded here regularly (10+ on average) and quite fast as other 0-day trackers.




Torrent Profile:






User Classes:



My Rating:

Content: -/10
Speed: -/10
Pretime: 8/10
Community: -/10
Overall: 5/10