Title: MovieWorld | MW | Movies & TV | 2023 Review

Tracker Name MovieWorld
Website Link https://movieworld.pics/
Tracker Genre Movies & TV
Tracker Type Ratio Besed
Mantaining Ratio Easy/Medium
Seedbonus Available
Joining Method Invite Only
Banned Countries None

Tracker Description:

MovieWorld is a private torrent tracker based on xbtitFM v4.1 torrent tracker script, with approximately 2k users and 4k uploaded torrents. (I always mention about tracker script and website browsing experience in my reviews because I think it is also a part of a good user experience, not only the contents you get from a tracker.) And, my browsing experience with this site is not the best I will say. The site UI looks Ols-School and the site also loads super slow compared with other old and new torrent tracker scripts (at least for me, it takes more than 10-15 seconds sometimes just to open a page, Which is the main reason I am not that much active here.)

Now comes the main part, which is uploaded torrents and content quality. They offer Movies and TV Series in small sizes, 720p and 1080p mainly. From the site status, it shows there are 4k uploaded torrents. Each downloaded torrent needs to be seeded for 7 days or a 1.1 ratio. There is a slot system available for this site. Low-rank users can have 5 active torrents at a time until they are clear from HnR. I don't see the site getting uploads every day, just a few new uploads every week.

Maintaining the ratio is easy with a lot of freeleech torrents and also hard at the same time because there are not enough leechers. Additionally, there is a bonus point system available for this site. Users can earn them by seeding and with them buy uploads from the store. They also have a forum, not much activity there. But saw people asking for help from staff gets responses from them. Don't know anything about their exclusive releases or if anything like that, if they have or not. Another thing to mention, I don't find any active requests there. There is an option to make a request though. If users want, they can make their requests. Users can also donate for additional benefits if they wish to. There is an option for that too.

Besides, they have something called, extranal torrents. If any user download and seed those torrents; They won't be credited with uploads for those torrents. You will see EXT for every external torrents. (EXT torrents get a lot of seeds and leech, meaning users can download at a very good speed.) Overall, I would say from my experience; this tracker is not for hardcore torrenters or any people who are looking for regular 0-day uploads. But if you are a collector, this tracker might be an addition to your list.




Torrent Profile:

Torrent Profile:



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My Ratings:

Content --- / 10
Speed 7.0 / 10
Pretime --- / 10
Community 7.0 / 10
Overall 5.0 / 10