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Thread: | MTV | TV / Movies | 2023 Review

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    360 (100%) | MTV | TV / Movies | 2023 Review

    Tracker Name MoreThanTV (MTV)
    Tracker URL
    Tracker Genre TV / SD Movies
    Tracker SignUp Invite Only
    Maintain Ratio Ratio-Less
    Banned Countries None

    Tracker Description

    • MoreThanTV | MTV a well-known private tracker MAINLY for TV-content established on 2014 , being around 9 years online considered a great asset for people seeking good TVs content & IMO it comes second-best after the great | BTN which considered impossible to join for the moment.

    • One of the good things i see on MTV , is their nice variety of stylesheets . As a private tracker , it gets sometime of being down Or server hits & that's what happened of losing some database , being offline for a while & coming back with new domain , etc.. Still considered as i said a nice asset for TV content tracker with around +9K registered members with around +126K uploaded torrents which is absolutely a good amount for TV-Lovers!

    • MTV not only cares about TV , they do have a section of SD movies uploaded content , Both SCENE and P2P movies resourced from many reputable HD trackers like, HD-Torrents, BeyondHD and M-Team TP are being uploaded with very good pre times and very fast speeds.

    • Like most of TV-trackers , MTV is ratio-less! being that kind of system makes so many pleased to easy use & get whatever they need without being worried about having bad ratio or so with no Hit & run system as well makes it a great place.

    • MTV got Bonus system implemented where you can buy -Download GBs (deducted from real download count found on your profile , but doesn't affect you as only upload what matters) , buy Invite with some much bonus to get Or some stylish Badges , giving bonus gifts to other members around.

    • MTV got their own internal groups : TEPES , E.N.D , SMURF & WDYM .. They care about "Sharing is caring" as you can upload their releases on other trackers | ONLY if the internal releaser didn't mark the specific upload as Exclusive . With other couple of rules which are : Never change their Tag & don't upload to public trackers , DDL sites & IPT.

    • Community is great helpful and very active in both uploading and seeding, also their request section is quite active. Forum and WIKI sections are very rich with helpful subjects and very good tutorials covering almost all bit torrent issues. Invites are rare but this is normal with all high level trackers to ensure that only good and worthy members can join.Tracker Invite getting system is bit tough you need to maintain some tough Requirement to get invite privilege from MTV.

    • The whole tracker interface is mainly English as well as the forums and they have sub-forums in different languages , The staff is very kind and friendly. If you need any help, you can ask the staff in any language as they have staff for different languages and hopefully they would help you out with it.

    • To Sum up , MTV is a nice alternative for big BTN with good content to please TV-content seekers out.Immediately after new TV shows are being aired you can grab them from MTV with various qualities like WEB-DL, HD, SD and complete season packs which come unrared.

    • I wish that i didn't forget anything to write about MTV , Leaving you with screenshots

    Login Page










    Seeding Requirements




    Internal Releases

    Bonus Shop



    Pre-Time 8/10
    Speed 9/10
    Content 9/10
    Community 8/10
    Rarity 6/10
    OverAll 8/10

    CoMe n GeT SoMe

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    MTV had the same problem as PTP has now ,meaning the most important guy disappears with the keys , but they were back with a new url and a new code , based on EMP code. MTV should not be consider alternative to any tracker , they have very dedicated uploaders and exclusive encoders. Scene content is upload unpacked ( not rared) and uploaded as a single file , pretimes are around to 5 or 10 minutes after the scene which is pretty fast.

    TEPES is no longer active , it was replaced by SMURF. TV series and movies are uploaded in all categories from Ultra HD to SD. All the users have the right to upload. Request workes great ,if you need something that is not here and you make request for it, in a few hours is uploaded. Invites are available , they give invites to users on special occasions as their birthday and other eveniments. In the past you could have joined them by interview , but now MTV stands for a tracker who wants perfection from their users when it comes to invites , thats way is kinda hard to join. A tracker who gives perfection as well.

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