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Tracker Name:: HD-Torrents | HDT
Tracker URL:: https://hd-torrents.org
Tracker Genre:: High Definition (HD)
Tracker Type:: Ratio Based
Tracker Signup:: Invite Only
Bonus System:: Yes
Seed Difficulty:: Easy
Tracker IRC:: None
Banned Countries:: None

Tracker Description ⠏

  • HD-Torrents is one of the greatest trackers for HD contents for its huge collection of torrents, great variety, excellent pretimes and speed. This tracker been there for so many years that he has a tremendous amount of releases of anything.
  • They have currently 269k+ torrents among which 186k+ is movies and TV shows. The seed quality is incredible. You have many dedicated seeders that are seeding countless big & old files like FULL-BLURAY for years and they still continue to do it. It has great internal encoders group: HDMaNiAcS, KRaLiMaRKo, LoRD and others like E.N.D, POH and HGN.
  • They don't have any freeleech torrents (except during the Christmas time), instead they they offer 25%, 50%, 75% discounts in download counts. All the porn torrents are No Ratio, i.e. no download or upload is counted. You will find great collection of 720p,1080p, 2160p of encodes, Blu-ray/ HDDVD disks, Remuxes, WEB-DLs. It also has 7.5k+ HD music torrents.
  • There is very strict upload rules and dupe rules implemented here and the staffs are very active in maintaining uploaded torrents' quality. Invites are not very hard to get and from time to times they gift temporary invites to all users. The User Base is also part of the success, HD-T has around 18.000 members and it's a must-have for any tracker. However the UI/UX of the site needs enhancements specially in the forum part. Also the request system is not that rewarding which leads to very less fulfilment of requests.

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