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Thread: Hawke-Uno | HUNO | Movie / TV | 2023 Review

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    Hawke-Uno | HUNO | Movie / TV | 2023 Review

    Hawke-Uno | HUNO | Movie / TV | 2023 Review

    Tracker Name:: Hawke-Uno | HUNO
    Tracker URL::
    Tracker Genre:: Movie / TV
    Tracker Type:: Ratio Based
    Tracker Signup:: Invite Only
    Bonus System:: Yes
    Seed Difficulty:: Easy
    Tracker IRC:: None
    Banned Countries:: None

    • Hawke-UNO (HUNO) is the name of this private tracker which is a new addition to the Hawke-ONE (HONE) ecosystem,which focused on focused on x265 HEVC content for quality with efficiency and offering offering a cutting-edge Plex Streaming Service too.
    • With database of about 4.7K users and 28K torrents of different type including,REMUX,WEB,ENCODE,DISC, available in different resolutions 4K,1080p-480i.
    • Getting into the HUNO tracker is no guarantee of access to their Discord community,in order to join you need to pass INTERVIEW QUESTIONNAIRE.

    6 / 10
    7 / 10
    8 / 10
    - / 10
    Overall Score
    7 / 10
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    Hi,i received a few private messages regarding the SDR encodes available on HUNo.

    Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) refers to a display technology that has a limited range of brightness levels and color gamut compared to High Dynamic Range (HDR) displays.

    SDR vs HDR

    HDR displays can produce a peak brightness of up to 10,000 nits, significantly higher than the 100-300 nits of SDR displays, and a wider color gamut that can display billions of colors. This results in more realistic and immersive images with greater contrast and detail, especially in bright and dark areas of the image.
    But,SDR is still widely used today in devices with smaller screens where the visual benefits of HDR are less noticeable.

    So,yeah, SDR 1080 x265 encodes where HDR is not available are the best as quality. Huno is the best for it.

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