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Tracker Name The Great Poster Wall
Website Link
Tracker Genre Movies
Tracker Type Ratio Besed
Mantaining Ratio Easy
Seedbonus Available
Joining Method Invite Only
Banned Countries None

Tracker Description:
The Great Poster Wall is a Chainese private torrent tracker dedicated for Movies. The tracker was founded in 2021 and aimed to build a high-quality film and television information treasure house and resource sharing platform. This is the first Chainese torrent site to use Gazelle for a Chainese tracker. The Gazelle (private torrent tracker script written in PHP) script is heavily modified and it is now called GazellePW. The UI is in Chainese, but don't worry The Translator extensions are your friend.

There is no minimum seeding rules for HnR. Movies from not only Chaina Film industry but also from all the film industry, such as Hollywood, Bollywood and Others can be found here. Users are also allowed to upload their own torrents here. There is a bonus point system available for this tracker. Maintaining ratio is easy with a lot of freeleech and 50% freeleech torrents. To keep your account active, you should log in once every 120 days.

Browse page is very friendly like Anthilion and PassThePopcorn. Which Means all the releases for any specific movie can be seen from the browse page; which is called Group view or grouping. Encodes from other reputed tracker like M-Team and a few other can also be found here. In short this is a nice tracker to have if you are into Chainese and also into other Movies as well.




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My Ratings:
Content 8.5 / 10
Speed 8.0 / 10
Pretime 7.5 / 10
Community 8.0 / 10
Overall 8.0 / 10