Title: FearNoPeer | FNP | General | 2023 Review

Tracker Name FearNoPeer
Website Link https://fearnopeer.com/
Tracker Genre General
Tracker Type Ratio Besed
Mantaining Ratio Easy/Medium
Seedbonus Available
Joining Method Invite Only
Banned Countries None

Tracker Description:

FearNoPeer is a newborn (almost 3 months old) ratio-based private torrent tracker based on UNIT3D Script, for Movies, TV Series, Music, Anime, Games, Sports, Apps and Other Releases with Approx 2k active users and almost 16k torrents. In spite of being a new torrent tracker, this site has got quite a good number of users and torrents. Users are also allowed to upload their own torrents here and you will find many torrents of users uploaded here. You must seed your uploads for at least 96 hours (4 days). Download speed is very good as almost all of the torrents are uploaded from Seedbox or the fastest internet connection.

There are no seeding rules. All they ask is that you to maintain a global ratio of 0.5. Otherwise, your download rights will be revoked until you raise your ratio to 0.5 again. But it's safer to seed at least 2-3 days. Seedtime starts counting as soon as you have 100% downloaded. Partial downloads are not allowed here. Maintaining ratio is easy to maintain by being active on the site and their active Bonus-Point system.

They also have an active request section, where users can request content. Their forum section also looks good and is very active. A bonus points system is available. You'll get BP for seeding downloaded and uploaded torrents. Later exchange them with Upload credit, invite, request, and also you can gift others. You must show some activity regularly to not to get pruned. If no activity, your account will be pruned in 30 days. It's too early to judge this tracker but for the time being there is a lot of alternative available but it's a good place to be if you can get in. (At this time, when I'm making this review it's open, but it will close soon as OnlyEncodes did.)







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My Ratings:

Content --- / 10
Speed 9.0 / 10
Pretime 8.5 / 10
Community 8.0 / 10
Overall 8.5 / 10