DICMusic | DIC | Music | 2023 Review

Tracker Name:: DICMusic | DIC
Tracker URL:: https://dicmusic.com/
Tracker Genre:: Music
Tracker Type:: Ratio Based
Tracker Signup:: Invite Only
Bonus System:: Yes
Seed Difficulty:: Medium
Tracker IRC:: Server: irc.kshare.club | SSL port: 6697
Banned Countries:: None

  • DIC (Dolphin Is Coming) is the first Chinese music tracker based on gazelle framework, born in 2019.
  • It is ratio-based, so you have to maintain your ratio according to "Required Ratio/Amount Downloaded"You have to average seed over a 72 hour period within the last week.There is automatic ratio watch system which can revoke downloading privilege.
  • Only music, apps, comics, ebooks, comedy (audio), audiobooks, and music-related eLearning videos are allowed on the site.

7 / 10
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8 / 10
8 / 10
Overall Score
7 / 10