CrypticHavenComedyClub | CCC | MisC / Comedy | 2023 Review

Tracker Name:: CrypticHavenComedyClub | CCC
Tracker URL::
Tracker Genre:: MisC | Comedy
Tracker Type:: Ratio Based
Tracker Signup:: Invite Only
Bonus System:: Yes
Seed Difficulty:: Easy | Medium
Tracker IRC::
Banned Countries:: None

  • CrypticHaven Comedy Club (CCC) is a Comedy tracker, specialising in Comedy movies, Standup, Audio, Books and Comics.
  • CrypticHaven hosts a shoutbox and IRC. They have around 6 different IRC channels with 2 not being official CCC channels. Members require an 'invite' to join the main chat but you can find how to do this in the FAQ's.
  • Seed bonus is offered and really helpful for anyone struggling with their ratio. Exchange your points for upload credit, custom titles, freeleech, invites, lotteries or gift them to a friend.

8 / 10
8 / 10
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8 / 10
Overall Score
8 / 10