WT's Invite System is now enabled.

- ALL members have been given 1 invite per account.
- When visiting our invite page, you will need to create an invite code.
- XWT's Invite-System is only enabled for 1 Week (Closes on June 10th). After this date it will be disabled and all invites will be removed from member accounts.
- You will need to give your invite code to someone who wants to join XWT. They will need to enter the invite code on the sign up page here:


Very Important - Read below.

- Do NOT use your invite to create a 2nd account.
- Do NOT try to sell your invite - ALL invites will be removed after the dates specified and the invite system will be disabled.
- Do NOT invite known leechers/users who will not respect our site-rules.
- We will be actively monitoring new accounts while our invite-system is enabled to make sure the above rules are followed.

Anyone caught breaking the above rules will have their account disabled, a long with the account they invited.

You can access the invite page by clicking "Invites" on our navigation bar or by using the link below: