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Thread: UBits News

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    UBits News

    The medal system will be launched soon. Please take care of your magic power.

    Thank you all for your support.

    UBtis plans to build a medal system in the near future. Our art masters have been working overtime in 996 to make it. Our medal system functions will draw on the advanced concepts of friend sites and launch the following functions:

    commemorative category: limited time sale, Whether to increase the magic value bonus is still under discussion

    1. Iconic historical moment when official status exceeds 1,000
    2. Anniversary category
    3. Other important festivals or anniversaries
    4. Zodiac category
    5. Official invitation to open important friend sites

    Functional category: There is a high probability of increasing the magic value bonus, mainly for granting

    1. Publishing group
    2. Breed conservation group
    3. Reprinting group
    4 (crossed out) Management group (crossed out)

    National Category: Some have been confirmed to have magic value bonuses

    1. Limited-time limited edition ABC third level of national species protection normal plan (time limit is 1 month)
    2. ABC third level limited edition medal with high magic value bonus (time limit 1 month)
    3. Special medal for orphan species conservation (under negotiation)

    Philatelic category: No magic value bonus, limited edition

    1. Alphabet stamp collection: After collecting all the letters, apply for the award of limited edition ultimate medals (time-limited and non-time-limited)
    2. Preservation series seeds: For example, the total preservation time of the Lord of the Rings trilogy can be applied in batches every 1,000 hours, 5,000 hours, and 10,000 hours. Grant (time-limited and unlimited)
    3. Others

    The above is a preliminary plan, and the specific details are still being discussed.
    If you have any good opinions and suggestions, please step forward: Regarding the recent adjustments and planning of UBtis, you are welcome to make suggestions according to the format
    . PS: Please be sure to protect your official status, there will be surprises!

    UBits management team

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    This should be interesting..

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