Unsecured Jackett and -arr Apps (Sonarr, Radarr etc.) Thursday 17th of November 2022
Written by reegun
Over the past few weeks we have been seeing an increase in unsecured Jackett and -arr Apps (Sonarr, Radarr etc.). Apparently some users are installing these applications on their seedboxes without also adding any form of authentication like a password. This is a security risk for Torrentleech and we are actively disabling accounts that have such an unsecured installation with their credentials for Torrentleech up for grabs. If you are using any such applications then please double check that you have some form of security enabled.

For most of these applications you can do so by going into Settings, then General and change Authentication to "Basic". If you are unsure then please contact your seedbox provider, our FLS will not be actively helping with such installation issues as we do not have access, nor the knowledge of how each and every provider has setup their security. In general you should always use a password for any application that is accessible via the web.