We would like to remind you of some points of the Rules:

3.2 It is forbidden to use modified torrent clients, repacks, assemblies and portable versions other than the official ones.

PS Everyone understands that you need to use only clients downloaded from OFFICIAL sites (links to sites can be seen here: https://teamhd.org/forum/view/topic/id283 )? Clients downloaded from RuTracker, nnm, etc. STRICTLY PROHIBITED !!! Please do not tempt fate, hoping for luck (it might blow), risking being banned. Be sure to change the client to the official one. The argument: "I have been using it for 10 years on all trackers and everything is fine" DOES NOT WORK here !!! Since you used it on OPEN trackers. And we set the privacy flag, which patched clients ignore, distributing past the tracker!

1.10.1 By default, materials from the sections "Piggy Bank", "Workshop", "Sound and Translation", "Dubbing" are prohibited from posting on third-party resources. Failure to comply is a ban. An exception is the posting of materials agreed with the Administration of the tracker.

PS Anyone who pours our distributions or uses our roads in releases understand the meaning of the phrase "by default"? That in this case a red prohibition signature is NOT required. Since the ban is valid according to the Tracker Rules.

PPS It is also CATEGORALLY FORBIDDEN to transfer to third parties the downloaded material, torrent, description of the distribution, access to the account. If you value your TeamHD account, then you don't need to tempt fate. And then it is tearful to ask for forgiveness, and promise not to do so in the future.