Dear users.
First of all, I want to express my deep gratitude to all of you for participating in the life of the tracker. Your activity directly affects the appearance of new distributions on the resource and the maintenance of the viability of the previously downloaded material. I would like to see more participants in the collection topics in the Workshop , Piggy Bank sections , as well as in the "Sound and Translation" forum sections. Many topics need an influx of new participants, I would like to see new faces in training camps more often.

Also, do not forget that the tracker is supported, among other things, by the financial support of users. This is a payment for the absence of ads, annoying banners and other things. Take a look at the VIP status topic . Promotional prices are valid until the end of summer.

Let me also remind you that we regularly clean up inactive accounts. If you do not plan to visit the resource for a long time, then use the account parking function. The next check of inactive accounts is scheduled for August 1.