Hi 🙂

Today*​​***​***​​*​**​**​​*​ *​***​​****​**​​​​**​***​ ​**​****​​*******​​***​** *​​**** we released our new feature - **REQ**, i.e. submitting requests for torrents.

REQ is available at this address: https://pte.nu/requests, you can also go to the Torrents tab and select "Requests" from the drop-down list.

Gradually, additional features will be added that will improve the operation of submitting requests and make it easier for Uploaders to fill in REQs as expected by the user.

Soon we will add the ability to add comments, select from the audio/subtitle selection, the ability to book a REQ fill by Uploader, etc.

To add a new request, you must have enough bonus points. The minimum number of points is 500, the maximum is 10,000. Each user can also vote for "requests" using their bonus points, which increases the attractiveness of its completion for the Uploader.

After completing the REQ, the Uploader will receive the points that were added by submitting the REQ and voting.

If the torrent is not filled in as requested, the REQ will return to its original form and the awarded points will be taken from the Uploader's account.

Best regards!

PT Crew