A trend has started in the Forums, especially in some specific sections. Members have been quoting huge sections of previous posts/replies for little to no reason. Quoting huge chunks of text only serves to stretch the page and make responses harder to get through; it is especially unnecessary on topics with only a handful of replies. It can make it much harder for staff to read through a topic and try to figure out what new information is being posted.

Not only is it annoying, it is against the rules and makes reading threads much harder for everyone. Posts with excessive quoting will be removed or have the entire post edited out. Please consider whether quoting a previous post is necessary before you do so. @ someone clearly indicates that you're responding to someone specific and is much cleaner. Please see the applicable rule below and abide by these guidelines; doing so will make everyone's forum experience better.

3.1 Spamming:
- Spamming is strictly forbidden. This includes but is not limited to: personal sites, online auctions, and torrent uploads.
Making posts that are unrelated to the board or thread you are posting on is considered spamming. It is also considered spamming to make nonsense posts on a thread with a specific topic, post nonsense threads on any board and to contribute to spam/nonsense threads by responding to them. In addition, it is considered spamming to stretch the page horizontally or vertically and to post several characters or emotes without any meaningful comments.