The site was updated a few days ago, one of the new things in this update is a very basic but functioning watchlist for tv/movies.
One limitation to the watchlist is that only shows and movies that have been uploaded/requested to the site can be added to the list.
We are looking for feedback on how to improve the feature, so any and all feedback is very appreciated.

You can find the link to your list by hovering over your profile picture in the top right corner and going to "My Watchlist".
Or by going to your profile, and its listed under the other tab. This is also how you can navigate to other peoples watchlists aswell.
Lists are public and there is no way to make them private per now.

Example: Link (see on site)

Some things already planned to change:
UI/UX needs reworking.
Changing the status of the root show, marks everything with the new status.
Changing the status of the a season, marks every episode with the new status.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.