This week on IAN

An Eventful Week

As we wrap up the week this Sunday evening, we have a summary for you. The past few days have been eventful with the introduction of new features and bug fixes, as well as some exciting updates and upcoming additions. Firstly, we are delighted to announce the introduction of App of the Month and our monthly newsletter! Stay tuned for updates. Our first seedbox competition is coming to an end soon. If you haven't participated yet, now is your last chance to join. We've also reviewed and approved a couple new suggestions, and our team is eager to start working on implementing them. Your ideas and input play a crucial role in shaping our community, so keep them coming! In our continuous effort to improve user experience, we have also made some adjustments to our rules. .

Here's a rundown of what we've accomplished this week:

1. Added Features

1.1. Improved site performance: Through various optimizations, we have enhanced the overall performance of the site.
1.2. Bonus points for forum participation: Exciting news! You can now earn bonus points by actively participating in the forums.
1.3. Bonus shop: Introducing the bonus shop, where you can purchase ranks using your accumulated bonus points.
1.4. Forum signatures: Exclusive to users with an elite rank or higher and donors, forum signatures are now available for customization.

2. Bug Fixes

2.1. Adding/removing friends: Resolved the issue related to adding and removing friends.
2.2. Music references removal: Removed all music references from our version of Gazelle to align with our role as an app tracker.
2.3. Subscription error page: Fixed the bug that redirected users to an error page when clicking on a subscription.
2.4. Profile page torrent downloads: Fixed the functionality to enable users to download all torrents from their profile page.
2.5. Top ten feature: Addressed the problem where some members were missing from the top ten list.
2.6. Donor issues: Resolved various issues reported by donors, including problems with the second avatar.
2.7. Bonus points refund: Fixed the issue where members were not receiving bonus points refunds for bounties.
2.8. Image size specification: Added a new feature that allows specifying image size in bbcode using the format [img=300]imagelinkhere[/img].
2.9. Wiki page editing: Resolved reported issues with editing wiki pages.
2.10. https implementation: Implemented a mandatory HTTPS protocol to ensure compatibility and prevent broken imgur images in Safari.


We've accomplished all these improvements and bug fixes in just one week! We want to express our gratitude to BIO for his contributions, as well as extend a big thanks to all of you for your valuable bug reports and suggestions.

We appreciate your continued support and encourage you to keep providing us with your feedback.