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Thread: HTPT : News

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    HTPT : News

    The invitation level of this site has been upgraded to VIP

    The previous invitation level was Users to lower the entry threshold and make it easier for more people in need to enter the requested site; including our new resources, which are free for 7 days, and resources larger than 30GB will only count for 50% of the download volume; The purpose is to reduce the pressure on PT players on this site.

    Now it seems that even if the release is not mentioned, the conservation situation is also worrying; especially this vampire, it is reprinted on other PT sites without signing it; it is also moved to a paid opera station to sell for money, and now even the invitation code is sold; it can be said that it is even eaten. take.

    Recently, it was discovered that the e-commerce platform sells invitation codes for this site. After discussion with the management team, the invitation level has been upgraded to VIP.
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    The e-commerce platform? Is this referring to us?
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