H&R is modified to take effect after downloading 10%
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listThe H&R system appears as a seed treatment. Please pay attention to whether there is an H&R logo behind the resource. Taking

listinto account various factors such as uploader bandwidth and unstable seeding time, we only select a part of stable resources for assessment (if there are special circumstances where the assessment cannot be completed, you can PM for management group for explanation).

listThe assessment period for each resource with the H&R logo is generally 28 days (672 hours). The assessment period generally starts from the completion of downloading.

listDuring the assessment period, seeds must be planted for at least 3 days (72 hours) to be considered as meeting the standard. Failure to meet the standard will be marked as an H&R.

listThe special area is for seeding within 60 days. Failure to meet the standards for 7 days (168 hours) will be marked as an H&R.

listH&R resources will become effective after 10% download.

listWhen the inspection time comes, whether you meet the standards or fail to meet the standards, you will be notified via private message on the site.

listUsers can spend a certain amount of magic power to eliminate H&R that does not meet the standards. By default, it takes 10,000 mana to eliminate an H&R. You can check the mana value for details.

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listQ group (Internet communication group): 97085390
listTG group
listTG channel

list tip: If you have urgent questions, please PM the management group

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listSeed keeper: Minimum 4T hard drive for long-term seed conservation!
listAuditor: Review seeds and modify seeds!
listOfficial group: Release official group seeds! (You need to bring your own various types of members)
listLeaders of each group: Distribute management tasks to each group (requires experience)
listIf you are interested, please contact the management team