Dear Members,

After careful consideration of recent events, we are saddened by the spread of biased and incorrect information by those who dislike how FNP operates. It is clear there has been an agenda against us, including attempts to cancel FNP's further growth. We were even banned from the open signup Reddit for asking members to help maintain the post's health due to a large influx of trolls, stemming from a deleted thread that broke the rules and competition from a newly created site attacking our post, which contributed to the open signup ban. A few members from said site even created accounts and attempted to upload inappropriate content and post offensive images in our chat box.

Today, we have cleaned up dead torrents and made some changes to our rules regarding allowed release groups such as LAMA, RARBG, YIFY, and others. Based on community feedback expressing dissatisfaction with these groups, we have decided to ban any future uploads from them. The rules and FAQ will be updated to reflect this change shortly. Past uploads could also be deleted once the new UNIT3D version is released and we update our website.

Additionally, the martymcfly bot will no longer pull releases that cannot be cross-seeded. We have listened to our community and decided to stop these uploads from martymcfly. We want our members to seed as much as possible and understand that we have made some mistakes. Instead, the bot will focus on uploading more quality releases.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Best regards,
Fear No Peer!