December Newsletter

December Newsletter

Wow, what a change in the world.

As we reviewed last year's December Newsletter, it became apparent that nothing should be taken for granted, as we looked to post this year.

BS would like to wish the best to all members and their families, especially to those who may have been affected. In trying times, we hope you can all be resolute and stand proud, there will be a light on the horizon.

Please, to all of you, stay safe.

Christmas Freeleech

We will have a Christmas Sitewide Freeleech for the holidays!
Please celebrate with us the most wonderful time of the year. Cheers!

The event will start at 08:00 (UTC) 14th December 2020 and will end at 08:00 (UTC) 25th December 2020.

UTC=Universal Time Coordinated=GMT


ALL Torrents uploaded before this announcement are Freeleech!
ALL Torrents uploaded after this announcement are Freeleech!
Neutral Leech torrents will remain Neutral Leech.
Torrents will return to their previous leech status after this event ends.
Torrents uploaded during the event will revert to Normal Leech after this event ends.

❗ Please make sure to check that torrents are listed as Freeleech on the torrent browse page, and keep a close watch on your data (especially during the beginning and ending of the Freeleech).

Please do not edit your release descriptions during Freeleech. Doing so would make the torrents Normal. You have been told

Happy Holidays here

LS 5 Competition

Here is your chance to win a LS 5 gift card. It is a genuine Gift Card

Entry Requirements


You must have been a member of BS for 1 year +, also you must have an avatar. No account restrictions must be in place, eg warnings, disablements or ratio watch.

If your account encounters a restriction, whilst the competition is running, your entry will be invalid.

FLS and Staff are not allowed to enter.

Enter here

Change your Password

In the November Newsletter, we informed you of warnings being issued for Passwords older that 2 years.

It appears members have not quite got the message on this one.
If your Password is over 2 years old, your account will now be locked until you update.

Site Rule Adjustments

All members must take note of the following rules:
MAIN RULES: Site Rules - Make sure to read these rules and understand them before doing anything!
ADDITIONS: Additional rules - You must read this. These Rule updates will override the current rules.

Keep your account active

We are receiving too many requests for account reactivations, after long periods of inactivity. We are looking at a rule/wiki adjustment to counter this. You have been forewarned.

New FLS and Staff

So this month we have some new FLS joining us, along with promotions, please check out the relevant Announcements over the coming days.