Project Content Decisions

Everyone, thank you for your patience and understanding, the staff have been working to align the future goals of Aither with all of the community input. As it stands Aither will become High Quality (HQ) Movies, TV, and Music focused. Over the next few weeks we will be putting out the updated Upload Rules, and changes to Trumping. The banned release group list has been finalized and posted, but is subject to change. Music will be remaining as a category on Aither, though as stated before we will be curating our music library based on new guidelines. Everyone will be given the opportunity to get the content they want off the site. Thank you again for all of your input and for being a part of Aither.

Below is the approved timeline for the sunset of all other content.

February: Implement Rules Changes/Remove Banned release group torrents/Stop allowing uploads for unapproved content; Banned release group content is being removed starting with dead torrents first, up through the seeded torrents throughout throughout February.

April 2: Remove XXX torrents

May 15: Remove Game/Software content

July 3: Remove Book/Audio Book content