🎅 Merry Christmas Aither!

Merry Christmas Aither!

The staff here at Aither wants to wish you all a very Merry Christmas this year to all our members and their families. You are all what makes this site a wonderful and inviting place and we want you all to know you are the heart that makes Aither special amongst trackers.

Christmas is a time of giving and aside from just giving freeleech this year were are giving the gift of IRC. As you know we have tried to make our matrix chat work, it is a very secure way to discuss our grey world but it is just not working out. Speaking of security we want to remind all our members to take a look at their own security situation this year and make sure they are keeping themselves safe not only during the holidays but also making sure their cyber security is solid. As everyone has seen the Grinch has been after the tracker community this year and we all need to be vigilant, a VPN is all but mandatory, but a seedbox is also a good idea. We here at Aither want to see you all next Christmas so make sure you are being safe out there, if you have any questions on how to keep yourself cyber safe this holiday season reach out to us in the chat box or through PM, the Aither staff is always here to help.

As with every Christmas we send a special note of thanks to all the internals, uploaders, senior members, and VIPs. Your dedication and support is the foundation of Aither and what gives us the ability to grow larger every year.
We have had another great year because of all your collaborative work with the staff to make our tracker a welcoming and fantastic place. This year for Christmas, after you open your presents, sit down in your favorite chair with your favorite drink, watch and seed few good Christmas movies and know that your part of the ever growing Aither family. Thank you again for all you do and being here with us.

Don't forget to check our seedbox giveaway thread: https://aither.cc/forums/topics/1993?page=1#post-13745

Merry Christmas, and a good night to all.

PS: If you haven't read our latest news on closing down matrix, please read: https://aither.cc/articles/66