Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Aither members! I know it is mainly a U.S. holiday, but this year we all have reason to give thanks here at Aither. It is the holiday time of year again and we here at Aither wanted to welcome all of our new members and their families. We are thankful this year to have been able to provide a welcoming home to a number of new members when BB and TDB were shut down. BB and TDB were great trackers and the staff at Aither will work hard to make sure we provide all of you the quality tracker experience you are accustomed too. We are also happy to provide a place to make sure the data they were known for lives on and can be shared with more people. We also want to send a special note of thanks to all of the internals, uploaders. You have all been doing to hard work of making sure Aither remains a solid tracker choice. We also give thanks to the VIPs on the site, you help make sure our site stays open. We continue to grow as a community and with growth comes change, and hiccups. We ask that you remain patient as we go through our hardware changes, the ups and downs of the site you have all seen, some changes on the back end as well as some upcoming revised rule changes. Thank you all for what you do to make this site a great place and help to provide quality content.