A few hints and tips ...

Hi guys,

Welcome to all the new members, I have seen a few problems arise for newbies, hope this message will help a bit ...

If you don't, you WILL most probably be in trouble soon. The FAQ explains how the system on ABT works.

2. Stay out of the karma bonus page. As a new member there is NOTHING in there that will benefit you, you need your karma for downloads not a fancy title or more upload GB.

3. SEED your downloads. There's NO other way short of donating that will increase your karma fast.

4. Make your 5 euro per year donation ASAP - you'll get invaluable points and upload gb's that will benefit you greatly. You'll also be able to request books while you are a donor. Donations cannot be traced back to a torrent site. All purchases from the donation site are completely legal transactions.

I see a lot of signups on the donation site but no donations from those people, haha did you know you actually have to BUY something to get donor status, not just register?

Finally, again, stay out of the karma bonus page, don't waste the few points you have.

Keep your eyes peeled, every now and then there will be MASSIVE offers for folks that donate in the chat. Take advantage of them, they don't happen every day!

Enjoy the site and feel free to ask away if you need to know anything or are unsure of anything.