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Thread: 1 x Portugas Invite GiveAway

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    1 x Portugas Invite GiveAway

    1 x portugas Invite GiveAway

    Portugas | PTG | General | 2024 Review

    RULES :

    1 . Click Like (right corner of this post)
    2 . Click the Yellow Button REP (left corner of this post -> I approve -> Add)
    3 . Reply this post for apply, Don't forget to mention me @mazagan
    4 . Do not PM me, I will choose you.
    5 . Do not apply if you were locked on this tracker before this
    6 . I will ask proofs, prepare them -> Improved Tutorial: How To Make Ratio Proof, Speedtest Proof or Seedbox Proof
    7 . Give me +1 Positive Feedback after you received the invite -->> Guide Here
    8 . I will Announce the Winners.

    Winner is :
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    Read this VERY carefully!

    Dear @mazagan , thank you for contributing to our community with this GiveAway! Take your time and try to find the best possible applicants. Also keep in mind:

    - In order to make it even easier to keep in touch with each other you better use the mention system (@+Username). This way users get email notifications when somebody mention them and makes it way easier to give/get invites!

    - You are allowed to bring your post at the top of the browse page by posting "BUMP, "still available", "I am waiting for more applicants" etc, ONLY ONCE EVERY 24 HOURS.

    - After sending the invites/accounts you posted, DO NOT FORGET to edit the 1st post and announce the winners.

    - When you finish a GiveAway, DO NOT FORGET to tag @TheTrader to add you the REPS and then close the thread (At the top of the thread click Administrative/Close Thread/Proceed).

    - Last but not least, don't forget to check out THIS thread which contains some more rules and safety tips.

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