VANDALS have been blasted after sticking a purple dildo on the bonnet of Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg wife's car.

Yobs also sprayed 'scum' in white paint on the side of her dark green Land Rover and littered his driveway with condoms.

Rees-Mogg, 49, was believed to be on a family holiday in New York when the vandals struck at his Somerset estate last week.

Friends say his maid discovered the rubber dildo and graffiti and and emailed Rees-Mogg a collection of photos.

It is believed the louts were targeting Rees-Mogg rather than his wife Helena, 41.

Luckily, the paint scrawled on the driver's side of wife Helena's motor has washed off easily.

Rees-Mogg told The Sun on Sunday: "It was my wife's car so they got the wrong car. I've no idea why they did it.

"It all wiped off very easily I don't know what they used.

"It looks to me like a bunch of...somebody had a pint or two too many scrumpy." It is understood the vandals struck overnight targeting the car left on a driveway.

A source said the dildo was stuck in the middle of the bonnet - but it is not known if it was glued or caused severe damage.

The louts also adorned a cross sculpture on the estate with condoms - which were also strewn over the driveway.

A source said: "His maid was horrified when she found the dildo stuck to the bonnet and 'scum' painted on the side of the car.

"She took photos and emailed them straight to Jacob.

"They had also covered a cross on his property with condoms. And threw condoms all over the driveway.

"No one knows why they did it. Probably just a bunch of local idiots."

Avon and Somerset Police could not confirm last night whether cops had launched an investigation.

Extraordinary footage emerged last week of Rees-Mogg bumping into UFC brawler Conor McGregor while on his New York break.

The suited MP strolled past the Irish brawler outside the Mandarin Oriental New York hotel.

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