A TOP cricket club had to cancel two matches this weekend after a group of travellers parked their caravans on the pitch.

Police were called to Chesterfield Cricket Club to remove the squatters who even left their laundry to dry out on the pavilion.

The team's match against Denby today was cancelled while an U19 match yesterday had to be moved to a different venue.

Chairman Mike Taylor, 72, told Sun Online the travellers asked for money in exchange for vacating the premises.

He added: "It all kicked off around 4pm yesterday. It's very frustrating because it's one of the finest grounds in the country.

"They were on the square as well. It's not done too much damage at the moment but I was in a panic to get them off because there's rain forecast tomorrow.

"Various people started going on our website and calling me, telling me there were travellers there. I thought it was a wind up!

"I got there and they were camped all around the ground and on the centre. The police arrived soon after me.

"Initially, they were keen to get cash off us to get a ferry to Ireland. No money passed but then they became uncooperative.

"They weren't happy or helpful and thankfully the police were great and, apart from a bit of bad language, they didn't cause a fuss."

He was initially worried they might set up shop until Wednesday after they started drying jeans, T-shirts and other clothes on a brick wall.

The club tweeted a picture of the caravans with the message: "Terrible scenes at Queen's Park. Resulting in today’s Premier League game being cancelled."

Footage showed the several caravans being escorted off the green today by Derbyshire police officers.

Earlier today, Chesterfield Borough Council posted on Twitter: "We are taking legal action to remove a group of travellers who have illegally set up a camp on the cricket pitch within Queen’s Park.

Residents in Surrey were left furious on Thursday after travellers have were allowed to set up camp in a third village this week.

Around 50 caravans descended on Ashtead Recreation Ground, where neighbouring homes can cost up to £2million, last night.

The group allegedly got kicked out of Thames Ditton after cops enraged villagers when they told them to have "empathy" with travellers who had been booted from nearby Cobham.

Today, empty bottles and cans of lager were seen strewn across the council-run park at the unauthorised encampment as neighbours branded it a no-go zone.

One claimed she phoned police when she saw the group turn up at about 6.30pm, but officers had to let them in as they were "causing havoc and blocking a nearby road".

Another resident, who did not wish to be named, said it is the second time in the last six weeks that travellers have invaded the park.