THIS is the shocking moment a British tourist slaps an immigration officer after being hit with a $4,000 fine for overstaying her visa.

Auj-e Taqaddas, 42, arrived at the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali, Indonesia, on Saturday night to catch a flight to Singapore.

But after receiving her boarding pass, she went through immigration checks where officers noticed her month-long visa had expired on February 18.

Auj-e, who is of Pakistani descent, was taken into an office at 9.25pm where airport staff told her she had to pay a $25 fine for each of the days overstayed.

Having been in the country illegally for 160 days, she had to stump up a staggering $4,000.

The bill sent Auj-e into a foul-mouthed rage and she was caught on camera branding an immigration officer a “f***ing bastard”.

When she tries to snatch back her passport, the officer quickly pulls it away — and she retaliates by slapping him.

Immigration Chief Ngurah Rai Aris Amran said: “She slapped the officer, who is a respected guard. She touched immigration, which means touching representatives of the nation. So we reported it to the police.’’

In the video, Auj-e is heard blaming “f***ing immigration’’ for causing her to miss her flight and telling them to “take the f***ing money and get lost’’.

She continues: “I’m your f***ing mother’’. Then she slaps the guard.

Auj-e then says: “You aren’t paying for this f***ing flight. You bastards told me to bring the money, why didn’t you basta*ds tell me anything else.

“And shut up your f***ing camera and show your ugly face in that camera.’’ The guard says “this is my office’’, to which she replies “This is your office, well show your ugly face.’’

Auj-e missed her flight with Jetstar Airlines, flight number 3K-240, and was taken to an immigration holding cell where she has been kept since Saturday while officers process the case and await payment. They said they had also reported the slap to police.

Immigration Chief Ngurah Rai Aris Amran said: “Based on the results of immigration checks, Taqaddas arrived in Indonesia with a visit visa free facility on January 19, 2018. That is, the owner of the passport has exceeded overstay in Indonesia for more than 60 days.

“She pretended not know that she had overstayed. But people who visit a country to travel know they have a period of stay. She had overstayed since February.’’

Public Relations Division Head Agung Sampurno said that after being taken into the officer, Taqaddas had become “emotional’’ and slapped the officer.

He added: “As soon as we detected that she had overstayed at the counter, she was already emotional with him.

“Now the woman concerned cannot be dispatched, cannot go home, because the violation must be processed first, in the form of payment of fines.

“By law, every overstayed tourist must pay a fine and if they are unwilling to they will be arrested.’’