A RAPIST policeman feared to have attacked nearly 30 vulnerable women has been freed - just seven years after being handed TWO life sentences.

Twisted Stephen Mitchell is allegedly enjoying a sun-kissed life outside prison - even though his trial judge said he was "a ruthless sexual predator" who might never let out.

He was released earlier this year despite psychiatrists warning he was such a high risk to women he should never be allowed to walk free.

The Sunday People reports Mitchell, now 50, was spotted hopping onto a £500 mountain bike for a sunshine ride near his family home.

His release was rubber-stamped by the scandal-hit Parole Board - which sparked outrage earlier this year when it tried to free black cab rapist John Worboys.

One of his victims told the paper: "It’s wrong that he can get on with his life, when he has ruined so many others.”

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper added: “This case is disturbing and incomprehensible.”

Glasgow-born Mitchell was caged for life in January 2011.

He would nick his victims on trumped-up charges then release them in return for sexual favours.

He targeted vulnerable women - including a disabled teenager - because they would not be believed if they reported him.

The brazen sex beast even told one victim "no one would believe a junkie" when she threatened to turn him in.