ROYAL aides are said to be concerned over the public outbursts of Meghan Markle’s dad, following a number of explosive TV interviews in recent months.

According to the Mirror in the UK, aides at the Palace have held at least three top-level crisis meetings on how to stop Thomas Markle upsetting his daughter.

It comes after the 74-year-old claimed the Duchess is “terrified” of her new royal role and, royal insiders say, “crossed the line” with his comments that Princess Diana would have “loathed” how he had been frozen out of the royal circle, reports The Sun.

The Mirror also claims that the matter has gotten so out of hand that royal sources say the only way to end the farce will be for the Queen to step in.

Sources suggest the talks have centred around three potential options to bring the situation to a close.

The first would be for Meghan to talk directly to her father via a phone call in a personal appeal for him to stop, and a second could be to arrange an intermediary meeting to appeal to him face-to-face.

A final scenario would be to cut him off, the Mirror has claimed.

Kensington Palace declined to comment on the claims.

The Daily Mail reported an unnamed friend of Meghan’s saying that a reconciliation is completely off the table.

“There’s no chance right now - he’s been a complete embarrassment,” the source said.

The Palace crisis talks come just days after the Duchess’ dad confessed to taking drugs while his daughter Meghan was growing up.

Meghan’s outspoken father made the startling admission as he angrily denied having a drinking problem.

He said: “I don’t do drugs, haven’t for more than 20 years” while claiming he only has wine with dinner.

Mr Markle insisted that he doesn’t even drink beer despite being photographed with a six pack.

He said: “I regularly buy a six-pack for the guys on the guard gate because they’re stuck in a hot shack for hours each day and could use a cold one.”

A source close to the family added that Mr Markle used drugs to cope with the pressures of Hollywood while working as a lighting director.

They said that drug use was “part and parcel” of working in television where the hours were long.

While Mr Markle did not specify which drugs he used to take, his daughter Samantha said that marijuana was popular among his peers at the time.