BORIS JOHNSON is in talks with his closest allies about leading a pro-Brexit nationwide bus tour.

Sources last night claimed he would be joined by other Eurosceptic Tories who share his anger at Theresa May's soft Brexit Chequers compromise.

The tour would stir memories of the Brexit campaign and the infamous red Vote Leave bus - which carried the 350 million a week of the NHS slogan.

Last night's revelation in left-leaning website Huffington Post came after The Sun revealed the ex-Foreign Secretary was planning to spearhead a pro-Brexit push at Tory conference in Birmingham next month.

One insider said: "There's a lot going on, people are trying to work out what can be done without tearing the party in two."

A source close to Mr Johnson added: "Something is definitely in the offing. We want to make it clear that we are still campaigning for a proper Brexit."

The move comes as Tory grassroots groups discuss a possible Momentum-style rally against Chequers at the Tory conference in a move that threatens to humiliate Theresa May.