Drummers from Rwanda have treated Arsenal players to a surprise performance at their training ground, the club tweets:

The English Premier League side have been sponsored by Rwanda's national tourist board, Visit Rwanda, since May in a deal which cost $39m (30m).

The relationship has raised eyebrows.

Rwanda received almost $1.2bn (932m) in a year from international donors at the last count in 2016, the latest data from the OECD shows.

Critics of Rwanda's President Paul Kagama - most of whom are outside the country - say he rules through fear. He won last year's election, a process he had previously called "just a formality", with 98.63% of the votes.

However, many have defended the deal by pointing out that tourism is a key source of income for Rwanda, which is said to boast some of the best gorilla and wildlife-spotting opportunities in the world: