RANDY Brits can now buy their very own sex robots on the cheap thanks to filthy finance deals.

A London-based firm now offers their love dolls for as little as 25 per month over five years.

Anticipating interest in the nascent sex tech, Silicone Sex World has teamed up with credit broker Ideal 4 Finance on the new deals with rates as low as 4 percent that let customers purchase the bots from its website and pay in monthly instalments.

The company offers male, female and shemale sex dolls on its site that come in different body shapes and sizes (with differing skin tones, hair colours, and breast sizes).

It expects to add Chinese-made sex robot heads, which can be attached to doll bodies, later this year.

They include one with "lifelike" facial expressions that can be programmed to spout dirty talk using your phone or computer.

A second, artificially intelligent bust is also in the works complete with movable shoulders and neck that responds to voice commands (like a smutty Amazon Echo speaker or a sexy Siri).

Further emulating those AIs, its maker DS Dolls is also promising smart home controls that allow the bot to switch on the AC or draw automated blinds and curtains.

Here's how the manufacturer describes a typically creepy exchange between the subservient droid and its owner.

Utter "open air conditioning and draw the curtains " and she will nod her robotic head and reply "yes, master" before completing the task.

DS Dolls is the same company that's working on body-scanning tech that can create 3D-printed robot replicas of real people, including porn stars.

The high price of sex dolls (8,000-plus for male and female bots) is the biggest barrier for potential punters who want to be among the first to try out the artificially intelligent machines, claims Silicone Sex World.

They say they're "democratising the marketplace" by giving customers the "opportunity to be a doll owner, without the added pressure of having to save for long periods".

The lowest monthly payment is currently 25 per month over five years, which is based on the cheapest doll on offer (priced at 1,300).

Customers can select the terms for the deal, anywhere from one to five years, by filling out a form on the Ideal 4 Finance site with rates doled out depending on your financial situation.

If you get the thumbs up, the funds will be deposited into your account to spend on the sex doll. Of course, you'll have to wait a bit for the bots to land online.

"It's a rapidly growing industry and we want to make sure we are as competitive as we can be," Richard Thorne, marketing manager at Silicone Sex World, told The Sun.

"There's obvious payment benefits to this kind of finance option and it comes at an exciting time for the business.

"Interest in our products has grown steadily over the last year and we want to make sure our great products are affordable to those who are interested in the sex doll experience."

But there is a dark side to the tech that's seen sexbot-makers slammed for building childlike droids and "family-friendly" machines.

Academics and medical experts alike claim the bots could lead to a rise in sexual abuse and the spread of STIs.

While UK-based activists claim that new laws should be enacted to prevent the sale of vile robots that look like kids, much like the legislation recently passed in the US.