I think it would be cool if we could aggregate info on what VIP gives you on a given tracker.
I plan on updating this post with whatever info we can gather.
What trackers have the best VIP forums? Some trackers give you IPTV, are any of them good?
Does just supporting your favorite trackers and keeping them alive make donating worth it?

I'll start.


Cost What do you get? Is it worth it?
3000 FLCoins 500GB upload, access to VIP Forum Yes
6 2 months 1 invite, 1000 FLCoins, 1TB upload, access to VIP Forum Yes
64 Permanent 16 invite, 16000 FLCoins, 16TB upload, access to VIP Forum Probably

The VIP Forums:
  • User invite giveaway thread
  • Tracker recruitment thread

Filelist is the only tracker I am in where you can earn VIP. I have received multiple invites from their VIP forum, and would highly recommend getting VIP.

Earning info:
You receive FLCoins per hour for each completed(all files downloaded) torrent you seed. These are the bonus rates:
  • 0.2 FLCoins per hour for each torrent, however, this bonus is applied only for 10 torrents;
  • 1.0 FLCoins per hour if your seeding size(sum of the size of all your completed torrents) is 50GB or bigger;
  • 0.2 FLCoins per hour for each 50GB you are seeding(maximum 1TB);
  • 1.0 FLCoins per hour if you have 200 reputation points or more.

If you are able to seed 1TB you can earn 7 FLCoins per hour and it would take approximately 18 days to earn enough coins for VIP.
If then you earn 4.2 per hour you can easily generate enough to permanently maintain VIP. (3000/30/24 = 4.166) (10 torrents totaling 300GB = 4.2 Per Hour)

I'm personally interested in IPT's or speed.cd's iptv service.